Copper Foam(5)
Aluminium Foam(2)
Nickel Foam(4)
Battery Material(3)
Catalytic converter material(3)
Exhaust filtering material(2)
High Temperature Filters(2)
Energy absorber material(3)
Heat exchange material(4)
More Metal Foam Applied(9)
  Multifarious Metal Foam Alloy

Item Multifarious Metal Foam Alloy,Ni Fe Foam,Ni Cu Foam,Ni Cr Foam,W Ni Foam,Fe Cr Al Foam
Item Number WF10002L

Metal Foam designed by Shanghai Winfay can be used as the shock absorbing material for car,sound absorbing material for exhaust,heat-exchanger,silence for big plant,structure material for space/aero-industry,each sort of filter and matrix, catalyzer etc.More combination such as Ni Fe Foam,Ni Cu Foam,Ni Cr Foam,W Ni Foam,Fe Cr Al Foam,etc.

containing the traits of the machine, thermal, and shock & sound absorption with the superior traits of mother metal such as corrosion resistance, peculiar strength, superior electric and heat conduction degree, coating acceptance and the pore structure of a great many isotropic net form inside metal material.

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