Copper Foam(5)
Aluminium Foam(2)
Nickel Foam(4)
Battery Material(3)
Catalytic converter material(3)
Exhaust filtering material(2)
High Temperature Filters(2)
Energy absorber material(3)
Heat exchange material(4)
More Metal Foam Applied(9)
Holiday Notice of 2012 Chinese Spring Festival 2012-01-19
International Labor Day Notice 2011-04-30
New website of 2011 is being built. 2011-04-06
China raises interest rates again 2011-04-06
New Website of 2011 2011-04-06
Latest statistics from our clients of different areas 2011-04-06
Oversea training of Technology Department 2011-04-06
A production line will be added 2011-04-06
Notice about vacation on Apr 3rd ~5th 2011-04-04
Launch of the new website 2011-03-13
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