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  Nickel Foam,Superb Battery Material

Item Number WF10002J
Special specs can be made and processed according to requests.
Description More Application:
1. Battery electrode materials, particular for the Ni-MH battery as rechargeable batteries used in laptop, mobile phones, electric scooter,electric bicycles, hybrid electric vehicles,electric tools,high-grade toys.
2. Electric catalyst for molten carbonate fuel cell,bipolar plate modified materials for the proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC),electrode relay feeder for solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), electrode material in electrolyzation( water electricity agents).
3. Hydrogen-storage medium,heat exchange medium and so on.
4. Filter material,deal with magnetic flux conductor in the fluid particles.
5. Catalyst carrier for car catalyst converters, catalytic combustion, diesel vehicle smoke purifier.
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