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  Ni-Fe Alloy Foam

Item Ni-Fe Alloy Foam
Item Number WF10004H
Specification A different model of metal foam with differing spec can be manufactured by Shanghai Winfay as per clients' requests.

Pore Size:0.1mm-10mm(5-130ppi)
Through-hole Rate:≥98%
Volume Density:0.1-0.8g/cm3
Size: 500*500*(1-30)MM

Application Areas
- Sound absorption,sound insulation,noise interception.
- Electron wave shielding.
- More processability,being cut off, bent and simply pasted.
- Fireproofing,Fire retardancy. Keeping the contact area stable and never burn at high temperature and resistant to high temperature.
- Heat conduction.
- Air permeability,with filtering effect,super capacity in flow stability of gas,fluid and smoke.

Extension products: Ni-Cu porous metal,NI-Fe porous metal,Chromium-Fe porous metal.

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