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  Ni-Cr Foam,Nickel Chrome Alloy Foam

Item Ni-Cr Foam,Nickel Chrome Alloy Foam
Item Number WF10004A


Porous nickel-chromium,Ni-Cr Foam

Technical Parameters:
Pore size:0.1-10mm 
Through hole rate:≥98 
Volume density:0.1-1.2g/cm3PPI(the quantity of pore per inch):5-130 
Max size:600×600mm, (Customized according to the specifications requested.)
Tensile strength:8-50Mpa 
Compressive strength:≥250KPa(Compressed to pressure value 50%.) 
Mechanical strength:2-7MPa 
High temperature resistant strength:980℃ 
Coefficient of heat transfer :>3w/(㎡k) 

Application Fields:
*Purification materials for automobile exhaust
*Catalytic & carrier material for chemical industry
*Distribution material for burner gas 
*High temperature flame retardant material
*High temperature filters


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