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  Nickel Foam,Ni Foam

Item Ni Foam,Nickel Foam,Porous Nickel
Item Number WF10002H
Specification A different model of metal foam with differing spec can be manufactured by Shanghai Winfay as per clients' requests.
Description Nickel foam is a type of metal or metallic foam. Metal foam describes a wide variety of porous metallic materials, or a mixture of polyurethane foams with a metallic coating.
Other common terms are cellular metal, porous metal, metallic foam, and metal sponge.
Nickel foam, like all metallic foams, have a good strength to weight ratios. Nickel foam, in particular, is interesting because in addition to being light it is also a magnetic.

More applications.
1.Electrode material for batteries,such as lithium ion battery,fuel cell, nikel-zinc battery and so on;
2.Electromagnetic shielding materials;
3.Decoration materials for the construction;
4.Various primary filters;
5.Catalyzer carrier.
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